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What Parents Say About Us

What Parents Say About Us

It has been a full four years since our son Jeremy began attending your school and camp program at New Horizons Montessori

Princeton Junction Campus

59 Cranbury Road
Princeton Junction,
NJ 08550
(609) 275-8666

Dear Mrs. Syed:

It has been a full four years since our son Jeremy began attending your school and camp programs at New Horizons Montessori. He started with the summer camp in June 2003 before he turned two years old later that summer. Our family was both proud and sad to close that chapter of his school and camp experience in June 2007 with the kindergarten graduation. It is my pleasure to let you know how enjoyable and valuable we found those four years. I would be happy to share our thoughts with any other parents that are considering your school for their son or daughter. In particular, some of the most appealing aspects of your program that we would like to note include the following:

  • Distinct teaching approach that resulted in tremendous level of self-reliance and self-confidence for our son even at ages 3-4 years old;
  • High standard of verbal communication between teachers and students that must have reflected your expectations as a director, resulting in excellent vocabulary and advanced sentence structure that were very noticeable with our son;
  • Valuable mix of academic stimulation, various skills development and socialization among the children who formed friendships from their Montessori school experience;
  • Positive influences regarding nutrition, exercise and healthy eating habits beginning with the 2-3 year old class as we enjoyed contributing to the supply of fresh fruits and also hearing about the “gym” classes

We know that Jeremy enjoyed his Montessori teachers – all four of them in the big classroom these past 2 years – and the prior two years in the younger class were fabulous, too. We are happy to serve as a reference and answer any follow-up questions.

All the best,

Holly & Richard Eland

Dear Mrs. Syed:

Wanted to write this letter to say thank you for giving my son Caden 3 great years at New Horizons. Being my only child and an older mother I was very concerned about where I sent him.

We were new to the area so I researched and visited many schools and day cares in the surrounding areas. There are many good schools but this one seemed to be the right fit. He started at 21 months old and was always comfortable there.

Watching him grow and learn at his pace has been amazing.

Thank you so much for all that you have done for him and treating him as if he were your own. He talks about all of you often and I know that he misses everyone.


Lisa DiJon and Caden


Dear Mrs. Syed:

My husband and I can not thank you enough for helping Reika reach her potential, given that she only knew Japanese and hardly any English, when she joined New Horizons Montessori.


Yoichi, Keiko & Reika


Connor has been attending New Horizons Montessori from 18 months to 5.5 years old. We couldn’t be happier with his transformation from a high energy child, who had difficulty sitting still and participating in circle time or doing his paperwork, into a little boy with intense focus and independence, able to do arithmetic, reading, geography, and art projects at age 5. We attribute it to loving care and attention he has been given at New Horizons Montessori. Mrs. Syed and her teachers are top notch, with the perfect balance of nurturing, patience, and seriousness suitable for young children.

Connor is not only acquiring advanced academic skills for his age due to his education at New Horizons Montessori, he also has the fortune to be exposed to a brilliant global diversity comparable to that of the United Nations! The International Day- where kids are able to experience various foods and customs from around the world, the multitude of ethnicities and nationalities among the students, the various languages to which the students are introduced, and even the diversity among teachers make this school especially unique and prepare the children for the increasingly global environments they will face in the future.

In addition to the academics and diversity, the children are extremely well behaved. Connor plays harmoniously with all kinds of children. He has made friendships that will surely continue over the years.

We are so grateful that our son was fortunate enough to have had the New Horizons Montessori experience, and we would recommend it to anyone who wants an outstanding pre-school/kindergarten education.

Arisa & Sean Sullivan

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