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  • To Call Or Not To Call – The Doctor

    Hi Hassan here, Being around young children a lot means we occasionally see a child become sick. We are in a unique position having many children here at the school, so if a child seems ill we need to get that child away from the other children. I was talking with Dr. Michael Riggall of Princeton Nassau Pediatrics this week and got to ask about, "when is the best time to call the doctor?" Here's what he said. (Dr. Riggall) "When in doubt call. If you're uncomfortable about your child's well being, we would rather you call and talk it over. If

  • Modeling Wellness For Your Children

    Hi Hassan here,   I was at the gym a few days ago and got a chance to talk with Rose MacNiven who is part of the staff at the facility. I regularly go to Princeton Health & Wellness Center, which is very close by our school. Here at New Horizons Montessori, many of our parents are also interested in fitness and health so that's what Rose and I got to talking about. We touched on wellness issues that make a difference for parents and children, and Rose told me:   (Rose) “We do interviews with our clients

  • Pre School Princeton New Jersey now enrolling infants

    New Horizons Montessori, a  Pre School in Princeton New Jersey (Princeton area) is now taking enrollments for infants at their Montgomery campus.This is a great help for parents of  preschools in Princeton New Jersey area, who have a great need for an affordable and quality facility for early childhood care and education. If you would like to talk to us about the infant program or to discuss other pre school programs that we offer at our two campuses - Princeton