Princeton Junction Campus

59 Cranbury Rd.
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

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Montgomery Campus

12 Vreeland Drive
Montgomery, NJ 08558

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    What Parents Say About Us

    It has been a full four years since our son Jeremy began attending your school and camp program at New Horizons Montessori

    Princeton Junction Campus

    59 Cranbury Rd.
    Princeton Junction,
    NJ 08550
    (609) 275-8666

    Montgomery Campus

    12 Vreeland Drive
    NJ, 08558
    (609) 252-9696

    In the Primary Montessori program, 3- 4 and 5 years old children engage in learning along many dimensions.

    Whether exposed to Montessori in Pre-primary class, or new to Montessori and new to school, the Primary program emphasizes Practical Life (self-control and negotiating the immediate environment) and Sensorial (experiencing through the senses in a structured fashion) as foundations for learning academic skills. Acquiring academic skills become more important as the child grows in this environment.

    Through individual and small- group lessons of 3 to 4 children, our Primary Montessori program provides children the opportunity to learn Math and Language skills of writing and reading.

    Under the guidance of credentialed Montessori teachers, each day each child chooses his own work – some may focus on letters and sounds, others on counting, others on practical life activities like sorting or pouring.

    Through careful and comprehensive recordkeeping, teachers in the class know each child’s level of expertise in each learning area and provide each child with lessons that are appropriate and timely for that specific child.

    Our programs help develop cultural appreciation as our school serves children from diverse backgrounds. The children gain an awareness of the world around them by exploring other countries, their customs, food, music, climate, language, and animals. This helps to raise their consciousness about other people, to gain an understanding and tolerance and, therefore, compassion for all the people in the world.


    The Montessori Method employs mixed-age classes, usually with at least a 3-year age span. Our Primary Montessori program is integrated with our Montessori Kindergarten program in such a class, providing exposure to younger children who show interest or, are ready for more complex and challenging lessons and skills

    Students in our Primary Montessori and Kindergarten Programs also benefit from weekly programs in Spanish and French taught by native language speakers.

    Primary Program Phase-in

    Most of our Primary Montessori students are the children who move up from our Pre-Primary Program, however there are many others who are new to school and new to Montessori. We employ a phase-in process that allows students new to the program to come to school for a couple of days before returning students join them. This allows new students to acclimate to school in a smaller group and get to know the teachers and the school routines. It also gives our teachers a chance to get to know and more accurately assess new students and to observe and interact.


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    • Ages 3 - 5 years
    • Choice of Half Day/Full Day/ Extended Day
    • Experienced AMS/AMI Montessori Certified Teachers
    • Long tenured staff
    • Enhanced Montessori Methodology
    • AM or PM classes
    • Foreign Language
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