Acknowledgement Form

I have received and read a copy of the following:
  1. Information to Parents Statement, prepared by the Office of Licensing, Child Care & Youth Residential Licensing, in the Department of Children and Families, State of New Jersey
  2. New Horizons Montessori’s Parent Policy Handbook (which includes the Expulsion Policy, among other items)
  3. Policy on the Release of Children
  4. Positive Guidance and Discipline Policy
  5. Policy on Methods of Parental Notification
  6. Policy on the Use of Technology and Social Media
  7. I allow my child’s image to be displayed on social media and newspapers for informational/educational purposes.

By typing my signature and sending this form using the internet medium I acknowledge that I have read and understood all the information provided; I agree and understand that my electronic signature is equivalent to my manual written signature.

If parents are separated or divorced, both parent signatures are needed.