25 Years of excellence in education and child care.


Established in 1998, our preschool conforms to the best practices as prescribed by recognized Montessori institutes’ programs. New Horizons Montessori offers children a remarkable learning experience based on practical insights and specially created materials. At the same time it provides excellent childcare facilities beyond the educational aspects.

Each year children participate in a rich variety of programs for children ages 1-1/2 to 6 years, including half-day, full-day and after care options plus summer camp. Our Montessori program has been enhanced with foreign language like French, art, science, music and gym. This provides for a well-rounded early childhood care and educational experience.

New Horizons Montessori invites children into a nurturing environment to see the answer to the question- What is Montessori?

  • Our classrooms are filled with sunlight and designed to support the Montessori Method of learning. Here children can discover the secrets of language, reading, math, art, music and the wonders of the world around them.

  • Children love our spacious, lush green playgrounds.

  • New Horizons Montessori meets the exacting standards of recognized Montessori insitutesnd exceeds the stringent state requirements set for a stand-alone pre-school.

Any school can call itself Montessori (no one “owns” or regulates that term), even if it fails to effectively apply the Montessori Method in the classroom, both in the teacher’s qualification and experience in teaching using Montessori materials. Consequently, many so-called “Montessori” schools are anything but!

New Horizons Montessori is an authentic Montessori school.

In addition to our effective application of the Montessori Method, we’ve listed below several aspects of our school that parents and children tell us, stand out compared to other schools, even other Montessori schools:

  • Healthy snacks – Parents choose healthy snacks. It is also a “lesson in sharing”.

  • “Nut-free” policy assists in the safety of children with allergies..

  • Exceptionally clean and safe environment.

  • A school that conforms to recognized Montessori institute’s exacting standards for teacher credentialing.

  • Numerous opportunities for parent participation both in class and outside the classroom

  • Full-time office staff so that a live person can respond promptly to requests and emergency needs throughout the school day.

  • A large playground in a park-like setting including sandboxes, swings, climbing tower, and children’s garden.

  • Easy access and ample parking.

  • A real community for kids and their families.

  • Uses technology for interactive communication with teachers and management

Seeing the children in action is the best way to learn how New Horizons Montessori applies the Montessori Method of learning and provides a productive, nurturing, and enriching environment for your child. We invite you to tour our facilities and observe classroom sessions. Please call us for an appointment.