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Montessori Kindergarten (Full Day)

Each year a sizable minority of our Montessori Kindergarten students are: new to our school, new to Montessori, or have Kindergarten as their first school experience.

Whether a new New Horizons Montessori student or a returning student, each has been on a unique, personal journey of learning and development.

In the Montessori Kindergarten program, 5- and 6-year-old children continue their learning journey.

The individualization embedded in the Montessori Method makes it natural and productive to have a class with children at many stages of development and level of expertise across a wide range of learning skills.

Our Montessori Kindergarten program focuses on children’s academic foundation in Math, Language skills of writing and reading, and gives them opportunities to develop these capabilities beyond the norm.

To do so requires self-control and the ability to both listen and concentrate, which are key to effective problem solving.

Children in a Montessori class never sit down to memorize addition and subtraction facts; they don’t simply memorize multiplication tables. Rather, they learn these facts by actually performing the operations with concrete materials. In a Montessori classroom there are many materials that are used for numeration, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

Through careful and comprehensive record keeping, teachers in the class know each child’s level of expertise and give them lessons that are most timely and appropriate.

For Kindergarten ages (between 5 and 6) we offer both a Full-Day Montessori Kindergarten programs and an After School Enrichment program.


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