25 Years of excellence in education and child care.

How We Run Our School

While the Montessori Method defines the classroom experience at New Horizons Montessori in so many ways, we care deeply about your child’s total experience at school, and about your experience as a parent.

For children, a warm and caring approach is our top priority.

Our teachers take the time needed to care for and guide each child — without raised voices — in class, at lunch, or on the playground.

Our head teachers are certified and trained in the Montessori method of early childhood education and have many years of classroom experience. They recognize the philosophy that the art of teaching includes carefully preparing the environment so that students are nurtured in a safe and stimulating environment where children’s growth and happiness are encouraged and championed.

In most “traditional” preschool programs, the teacher may be the center of the classroom, choosing the activities. The lessons are presented to the whole class. But in a Montessori classroom, the Head Teacher is trained to help direct each child on activities they have chosen. The Head Teacher presents lessons to individuals as well as a group of children depending on the lesson material. This way, the Head Teacher can address the specific needs of a child and can respond to that individual child’s level of interest and understanding. The child does not become frustrated because s/he is forced to sitthrough something s/he is not ready for. This individualized attention also allows the Head Teacher to become more familiar with each child. Thus, the Head Teacher understands the child more fully and is able to better provide for each individual child.

We provide a safe environment for children, where “safe” is defined broadly.
  • Each classroom is equipped with an industrial size HEPA Air Purifier.
  • Classrooms cleaned daily ensures a healthy learning place.
  • Appropriate foods at school (snacks, lunch, and special events) ensure children stay alert and engaged with self-control.
We offer children a rich set of experiences at school.

We seek to expose children to real things – natural materials in the classroom; trees, and flowers in the playground; seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables for snack.

New Horizons Montessori is fortunate to welcome students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Beyond day-to-day peer interaction, children also participate in cultural activities led by parents in class or at one of our school celebrations.

Children also love to borrow books from our lending library (over 500 volumes!).

Our teachers care, they take the time to converse with parents – both listening and providing ad-hoc reports. We deliberately structured our dismissal process to foster this kind of easy, informal dialogue between parents and teachers.

Our office is always open and staffed school days, ready to respond to your special needs or questions and calls. Parents are welcome in the school at all times, and can observe each of our classrooms.

We want parents involved at school in ways that involve the children. Opportunities include parent-led class activities, field trips, and special celebrations. As we do for children, we seek to give parents a warm, caring experience at New Horizons Montessori.

Children also love to borrow books from our lending library (over 500 volumes!).